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A Little About Us

For 11 years, Catalyst Fitness has been Georgia’s one and only medically recognized Personal Training and Performance Enhancement facility. Our team of award winning trainers hold many local, national and international awards.

We are dedicated to transforming lives and revolutionizing the health and fitness industry by providing unprecedented success through our unique scientific approach to fitness. Catalyst Fitness offers the most knowledgeable and experienced Personal Trainers, who all hold degrees and multiple certifications and/or advanced specializations through the six most reputable and accredited personal training organizations (ACE, NASM, PTA Global, NSCA, ACSM, and AFPA).

Trainers That C.A.R.E

At Catalyst Fitness our team is here for you and ready to help guide you on your path to a better you. Click here to learn how we define the acronym C.A.R.E.


Flexible Hours

Small Group Training:

Monday-Friday from 6 AM-12 PM, 4 PM-8 PM, Saturdays 9 AM-12 PM.


Personal Training sessions are always available by appointment.


Convenient Location

Conveniently located near the intersection of Peachtree Rd. and Peachtree Battle Rd. in the Astoria at the Aramore. We are in the same building as Holman and Finch and Restaurant Eugene.

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Catalyst Fitness holds more local and industry awards than any other training facility in the Southeast.



Small Group Training

Unlike other facilities whose classes start on the hour, your Small Group Personal Training on Demand session begins when you arrive and ends when you complete the workout. Our talented…


Personal Training

The rates for One-on-One Personal Training range from $80-$150 per session depending on the trainer you are working with. Sessions last 55-60 minutes in length. All of our Trainers hold…


Corporate Wellness

People breathe life and value into your company. Within the modern workplace there are increasing instances of stress, anxiety, obesity, depression, and heart disease. The modern workplace has become increasingly…


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Private Instruction is available by appointment with Bill Sonnemaker. Bill is a Four Stripe Purple Belt under Fabio Costa. Fabio is the Southeast Regional Director for Gracie Barra. Bill also trains…


We Train The Trainers

For the past 16 years, we have been teaching clinics, speaking at conferences, working with equipment manufactures, and helping trainers around the world enhance their skill set to meet the…


We have plans to meet your needs

From results-blasting personal training to contract-free, drop-in training, Catalyst Fitness has the program and price that is perfect for you.


per month

  • 6 Days a week
  • ~3-6 People Per Trainer
  • Unlimited Use
  • M-F 6AM-12PM, 4PM-7PM
  • Saturday 9AM-12PM

Personal Training

per session

  • 7 Days a week
  • 1–on–1 Training
  • Personalized For You
  • Quickest Results

Take a class


  • 6 Days a week
  • 3-6 people per trainer
  • No Contract
  • Variety of Classes

Meet the Team

Since 2004 Catalyst Fitness has been serving the needs of Metro-Atlanta run by Valorie Ness-Sonnemaker, B.S., CES, CPT and Bill Sonnemaker M.S., PES, CES, CSCS. Valorie and Bill are both internationally sought after personal trainers and educators. Their work and contributions to the health and fitness industry span the globe and reach every continent. Click here to join the team.

Bill Sonnemaker

Bill Sonnemaker, MS


Bill is an internationally sought after exercise physiologist, speaker and author. Specializing in applied biomechanics and human movement.

Valorie Ness

Valorie Sonnemaker


Valorie is PFP’s 2013 Trainer of the Year, a fitness model and mother of two. She loves helping people work through their physical challenges.

Christan Quattlebaum, BA, CPT, 200 RYT

Christan Quattlebaum

Executive Director

A Body Transformation Specialist at heart, the dedication and determination Christan applies to her own training is the same dedication and determination she devotes to helping clients transform into their best, healthiest self. She will listen to you, challenge you, but above all motivate and encourage you as you achieve balanced health, power, and confidence in both body and mind.

Jake Burkhardt image

Jake Burkhardt

Personal Trainer

As a founding member of the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and a former player on the United States Rugby team, performance has always been a important part of Jake’s life.


Jonathan Bautista

Personal Trainer

Jonathan is a highly skilled Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. He specializes in integrating massage therapy with corrective exercise techniques to bring the body to a state of harmony.


Terry Elswick

Personal Trainer

A lover of all sports and active living, Terry is highly sought after for his ability to keep clients consistently motivated and successful.


Daniel Tribby

Athletic Director

Originally a Virginia native, Daniel Tribby, ATC, CEAS, ITAT, found roots in Georgia following years of growing up in Europe as part of a government employed family. Having grown up in Germany, Spain, and traveled many other places around the world, Daniel has an affinity for many different cultures and continues to embrace them with his wife of Indian decent and son with whom he travels with often, always in seek of new adventures.


Joe Stacy

Personal Trainer

Joe trains each of his clients as a whole person, not just a body. He incorporates mindfulness, strength, and nutrition principles into each of his sessions the create a well rounded experience resulting in optimal results.

What Our Customers Say?

I first came to Jake in 2008 after a former trainer moved away.  I was a casual gym-goer and just went once in a while.  In 2011, just before the birth of my daughter, a full 14 years younger than my first, I decided to get serious about working out and changing my body and my health for the long term.  Weighing in at 208 with 20% body fat (even with my casual workout schedule I was down from 28%), Jake helped me develop a long term plan including workout and nutritional goals and roadmaps aimed at getting me there.  In  6 months I was down 40 pounds, weighing 167 with 11% body fat.  We continued to adjust my plan, and now I'm at 175 & 8.5% and feeling great.  Jake really listened to my goals before helping me put together a plan and we worked together to get there.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished and I couldn't have done it without Jake.Connor Christian
Jake’s workouts are never random or routine, but instead target specific areas of the body based on his knowledge and experience in physiology and biomechanics. He motivates with clear and realistic expectations striving in practice for what I desire in accomplishments. I look forward to our workouts knowing I will be pushed to my limits with results that always exceed my expectations. I highly recommend Jake as a trainer.  He believes in me even when I’m not able to do so myself.  He’s a rare find in a sea of mediocrity.Margo Segall
Laura began working out with Valorie about 5 years ago. Valorie was recommended as a personal trainer who specialized in helping injured people get well. Laura was traveling a lot and had discovered she was unable to lift her suitcase into the overhead bin of airplanes and was concerned about maintaining a healthy weight. Laura was having difficulty getting back to running and would tend to become injured when she attempted strength training on her own. Valorie was a tremendous help to Laura. Now, when Laura travels, she is not only able to lift those heavy suitcases into the overhead bins, she routinely receives complements on her “nice arms.” Laura is also competing in triathlons with the rest of the family. Thanks to Valorie, Laura looks and feels great! I had started out doing strength training on my own and then started using a personal trainer after injuring myself. Then, while training with the personal trainer, I became injured again. That is when I asked Laura if she would let me work out with her trainer, Valorie. Valorie was like a breath of fresh air. She helped me build up my strength injury-free. After completing physical therapy for my prior injuries, Valorie helped keep me on track with exercises that complemented my previous physical therapy program and helped me recover more quickly and completely. My Doctor and Valorie encouraged me to take up the sport of triathlon for its cross training benefits. I competed in 5 Sprint Triathlons this summer and am enjoying both the sport and the health benefits it brings. In addition, it is something the family enjoys doing together. Every member of the family has spent time on the podium. Perhaps the most fun is when we do family relays and end up on the podium together. Valorie has tailored our workouts over the years to help accomplish specific goals. She helped me with speed work to run 5K and 10K races, while setting PRs. She created workouts that Laura could do on the road when she was traveling. She helped my son create workouts to help improve his performance in High School athletics and break school records. She helped Laurie when she returned from her cross country bike ride to get back into balance. Being trained in nutrition, she has also provided helpful information about proper diet all along the way. Whenever our children return home from college, they enjoy joining Laura and me for our early morning workouts with Valorie. Valorie keeps the workouts interesting, fun and somehow she has managed to always introduce new workouts, even after 5 years. I’m just not sure how she does it. Valorie is a role model of good health. She competes in all kinds of races and triathlons herself and maintains herself in peak fitness. One of the goals Laura and I have for our family and ourselves is to develop a lifestyle of fitness. Valorie has been invaluable in attaining that goal.James King
Catalyst Fitness is different. That’s a good different. After knee surgery and PT, I needed more strength. Val, at Catalyst not only helped with the knee, but did a complete analysis and fixed things I didn’t know were broken. At 71 I feel great and want to stay that way. I will continue to train with Val as long as I can.Dennis McHugh
I found Catalyst Fitness by chance at a charity event.  They had donated a fitness assessment and two personal training sessions for the silent auction.  Bidding on the package was an impulse decision that changed my life. I had been fit at various times in my life, but something always seemed to happen to throw me off course.  Now I was 62, more than 60 pounds overweight, and out of shape for almost ten years. I arrived for the fitness assessment with much trepidation.  I was initially struck by the fact that Catalyst Fitness didn’t look like a traditional gym.  There were no weight machines, no rows of treadmills and elliptical trainers, and no group fitness classes.  Instead, there were very fit people working out with cool-looking “toys” under the supervision of a trainer.  It was pretty intimidating. It was clear from the first time we met that Bill cared as much for my health and well-being as he did for the professional athletes that he trains.  I was still scared, but trusted that I was in good hands; and I was. I have worked out with Bill three times a week for the past 16 months and have achieved tremendous results, both in terms of weight loss and fitness level.  Like Forrest Gump and the box of chocolates, “you never know what you’re going to get.”  The workouts might include body weight training, martial arts, balance and agility work, Redcord, ViPR, SURGE, resistance training of all kinds, and on and on.  In addition to Bill, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Valorie, Kurt, and Matt, all of whom are top-notch, trainers as well. My proudest moments have been the encouraging and flattering comments I’ve received from other Catalyst Fitness clients who’ve observed my fitness journey, most of whom are 30 years or so my junior.  They’ve been so gracious in acknowledging my hard work and progress. I love feeling years younger than my age.  I love fitting into the smallest size I’ve ever worn.  I love the freedom of being able to do anything in life that I choose. The keys to my success, I believe, have been desire, consistency, the support of the great Catalyst Fitness team and their vast and exceptional scientific knowledge.  One of their mottos is “Powered by Science...Driven by Results” and as Bill often says “Everything is relative, but knowing and truly understanding the Science puts things in perspective.”  Their professionalism and dedication to the well-being of all of their clients is inspirational.  And they manage to make the hard work fun at the same time.  I consider them all to be my friends, mentors, and heroes.  I clearly made the right choice when I acted on impulse and bet on Catalyst Fitness.Pat L.
I hold world records for the International Powerlifting Association, Southern Powerlifting Association and United States Powerlifting Association and, at the age of 86, I am still competing. I want to send my best regards and a “thank you” to Dr. Bill White, a health professional who has demonstrated training knowledge, understanding, and a deep concern for my well-being.Eugene Jones
Catalyst Fitness is more that a cut above.  First Class service is the embodiment of their attitude.  You are their focus.  I have learned more and achieved more in one year of consistent training with Bill Sonnemaker and his team than I did in 4 years of training with another organization.Ed Hatcher
Catalyst Fitness was pinnacle in helping me get back into shape, keeping me motivated, and seeing (and feeling) results!  I noticed that we didn't move on to another exercise until my body was ready.  They explained in simple detail every exercise we performed.  I felt very safe (even through the most challenging exercises) due to Bill's scientific knowledge of how the body works.  I never thought my Anglo-Saxon legs could be defined, but under Bill's keen eye and instruction, I could see the muscle tone in my legs.  I now see Catalyst Fitness as a partner in health and fitness in my life, for life!Lauren Loper
I was 57 years old when my son persuaded me to go meet with a fitness professional.  I went for a consultation and decided to try working out.  When I first started, I could not touch my fingers to the floor.  We worked on flexibility, balance, and strength.  With the exercise and nutritional guidance, I started losing weight, and I had more energy and better balance.  I have a very busy schedule with teaching and running a home, but I make the time to go workout.  I enjoy the trainers at Catalyst Fitness and I like the small group feeling.  I've met some wonderful people and we keep each other accountable for working out and doing cardio.Paula Lowder
Strength, flexibility, balance, endurance; these are all some of the goals I set when first starting to work with the Catalyst Fitness training team.  Amazingly enough, the results I've gotten at Catalyst Fitness encompass all of my own goals.  Strength:  everyone I've worked with has proven extremely knowledgeable and demonstrated an amazing strength of character.  Flexibility:  Working with my insane work habits and frequent changes to my schedule, they've been able to accommodate my requirements while maintaining consistent direction for my training.  Balance:  Incorporating many different types of exercise has helped me to stay focused and interested during every session, even on those days when I'd rather just head straight home.  Endurance:  Long-term commitment and attention to detail are critical to successfully achieving overall better health.  I've witnessed that from the entire staff, and I feel welcome every time I walk in the door.  I have recommended these folks to anyone who asks, and I will continue to do so.Jennifer White
After many, many failed attempts to implement an exercise routine into my busy life, I turned to Catalyst Fitness, and I could not have made a better decision regarding my health.  I never used to enjoy working out, but they manage to make each workout different, interesting, and challenging—even fun.  I receive a lot of personal attention and support at Catalyst Fitness, both from the training staff and the other gym members.  Every time I visit, I know I can expect a friendly smile, a lot of encouragement, and an excellent exercise experience.Allison Gonzales
I was 63 years old when I started at Catalyst Fitness.  I thought I was in pretty good shape—I was wrong!  I will be 65 this summer.  In the two years working with the Catalyst Fitness program, I have gained stamina, strength, and muscle tone I wish I’d had at 35.  It is amazing the confidence I’ve gained.Lucinda Whitehead
We have given Bill some real challenges, but he never gives up on us, keeps us motivated, and makes working out real fun! It has now been 20 weeks at Catalyst and we are looking and feeling so much better. We no longer move slowly out of bed in the mornings, or lose our breath going up stairs. Bill not only works with us on exercise, but he is also very serious about nutrition—he encourages us to write down what we eat so he can teach us how to eat properly to feel healthy and lose weight. We now look forward to working out, we have the energy and motivation to eat healthier meals and find other things to do besides watching TV and eating ice cream.  Thanks Bill!Dave and Carrie Nieman
From our first visit to Catalyst Fitness to today, we get the same attention, expertise, encouragement, and professionalism.  It has been a fulfilling experience for both my husband and me.  They have a flexible schedule, and the entire training staff knows my limitations and my goals—they believe in customizing the experience.  They help you every step of the way and explain things to you as many times as you want.  They are patient and understanding.Rajiv and Lalima Awasthi
Catalyst Fitness is amazing!  Bill Sonnemaker and the entire staff provide such a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.  I started training at Catalyst Fitness to get in shape for my wedding—I got a whole lot more than I bargained for.  Not only have I gotten fit in time for my wedding, I have also gained a new appreciation and love for exercise as a life-long practice.Anna Webb
The strange thing is, I never felt like I was going through a laborious work out at Catalyst Fitness—it quickly became like a second home, a place where I went to spend time with family in the midst of the friendliest of environments, yet I always came out huffing, puffing, sweating and feeling I had a great time doing it.George Janeira
It was clear from the first time we met that Bill cared as much for my health and well-being as he did for the professional athletes that he trains. I was still scared, but trusted that I was in good hands; and I was. I love feeling years younger than my age. I love fitting into the smallest size I’ve ever worn. I love the freedom of being able to do anything in life that I choose.Pat Lamar
When I finally decided it was time to get back in shape, I visited 6 different fitness centers before deciding on Catalyst Fitness.  Within the first few minutes of speaking with Bill Sonnemaker, I knew this was the place for me. In my first 60 days of working with the team at Catalyst Fitness, I lost over 20 pounds, reduced my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and my body measurements!  My energy level has increased, and I find myself more focused in other areas of my life.Jared Kalfus

Health & Fitness Professionals

Upcoming Workshops

Catalyst Fitness regularly teaches and hosts Workshops, Lectures, and Clinics. Click here to see what upcoming workshops are planned for 2015.

Exam Prep Courses

NASM, PTA Global, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, and AFPA comprise the group of organizations offering the top six preeminent medically recognized and accredited certifications. Having the NASM-CPT certification will distinguish you from average trainers. These principles of fitness training are based wholly upon the sciences: functional anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, and include the most advanced and…


Catalyst Fitness Fully Integrated™ 3 Day Mentorship is offered at our Atlanta facility during the following dates in 2015: March 6th-8th and October 2nd-4th. If you would like us to come to your facility please email us at info@catalystfitness.com 3 Day Mentorship Fully Integrated™ Program - Atlanta, Georgia Download your PDF flier here! Program Objectives Each…


Bring home the expertise and insights of our Catalyst experts with one of these easy to follow and motivational products.…

Business Solutions

Catalyst Fitness is the recipient of numerous industry awards such as the 2013 PFP, the 2009 Kennesaw Business Association of Business of the Year, the 2007 NASM Pursuit of Excellence Award, and the coveted 2007 IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year. It is the belief and goal of the Catalyst Fitness Team that if…

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